Nick (fitter than he looks) Gill, is often found at the side of a cross country jump, or breathlessly trying to keep up with galloping horses.  Otherwise found at commercial shoots, riding & pony club events, show jumping and dressage.  

Karen, usually found behind a puter screen.  Does all photoshop stuff, printing etc. 

I 'tweak' all purchased images as though they were going to hang on my wall or grace my table top.  I try to make them look as good as I can in terms of composition, colour, contrast, lighting, straightness and a host of other things.  

I am quite good at responding to emails when I am in the office but by the nature of what we do, we are away some of the time most months of the year.  I do try to get orders out as quickly as possible but please allow 28 days.  Rude messages delay your order!