Usually found in our natural habitat at the side of a cross country jump, or breathlessly trying to keep up with galloping horses.  Otherwise found at commercial shoots, riding & pony club events, show jumping and dressage.

There is a team of us at Nick Gill Photography.

The Team;

Firstly, there is Nick Gill, fitter than he looks and as happy as Larry in any weather with a camera or two in his hand, photographing horses and all things equestrian.

 Sean; our sometimes photographer who likes to get the horses 'paws' in the correct position on a photograph!

Amanda; Returned from her travels around Canada - no doubt with many a tale to tell and photographic evidence!

Phoebe; our superstar photographer in the making! Studying Photography at Cirencester, her passion is food photography.

Liam; the Duracell Bunny of the team.  He spends much of his day cycling around the course picking up the memory cards from the photographers and delivering them back to base.

Anna; a saint in general! Indispensable in the sales tent and for organising the chaps on tour. Becoming an accomplished, creative photographer.  

Sue;  the newest member of the team!  Taken to the sales team like a duck to water.  We call her Suechef as she is a great cook!!



You won't see much of Karen.  We keep her in the corner, more commonly known as the 'Grumpy Cave'.  She is always grumpy and bad tempered.  Avoid!



Hill Top, Monubent Lane, Forest Becks, Bolton by Bowland, Clitheroe, BB7 4NX