May I take this opportunity to point out that I am rubbish at knowing where my phone is, and thus answering it! I am quite good at responding to emails when I am in the office but by the nature of what we do, we are away some of the time most months of the year.  Our telephone cable runs over ground (I know, it is ridiculous!) but consequently it drowns during periods of high rain fall and is otherwise nibbled or tripped over.  It means we have random periods of having not telephone cable and thus no internet.

I do try to get orders out as quickly as possible but please allow 28 days.  Rude messages delay your order!  If you need to contact us, please use this form or contact us using the following details; 

07976 958512
(bookings & commercial enquiries)
07790 596975 (Really, it's not worth it - sorry!)
(anything to do with photographs)

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